Diving Into the World of the Kitchen and the Laboratory

My name is Alex Goshert and I have always loved to cook! Whenever my parents would let me help make food for dinner or an event I always enjoyed it. Sure I’m not the best at cooking at and sometimes need help no matter how much I don’t want to ask for help, but in the end I love eating what I have spent great time preparing and cooking.

In high school I enjoyed chemistry and found parts of it to be easy and therefore found the subject matter to be interesting, except I had a teacher who made the class very boring. This caused me to not like it as much as I probably would if I had a teacher who tried their best to make the class as engaging and fun as possible.

In this course of Kitchen Chemistry I expect to learn how to cook better while also understanding the chemical components that are utilized while cooking. Ultimately I want to have the knowledge to know exactly what is in my food and what is happening to a recipe’s ingredients when I am cooking.


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